A Sweet Spring Tale: You Nest Here with Me, by Jane Yolen and Heidi E.Y. Stemple

Topics – Birds, spring, nests, life cycle

Summary – From the author of Owl Moon, Jane Yolen, and her daughter, Heidi E.Y. Stemple, You Nest Here with IMG_6972 takes you from a cozy child’s bedroom outside her window to observe the many birds that build nests in different ways. With simple, rhyming phrases, the text captures a remarkable amount of information about each type of backyard bird and its unique nest building style, always bringing it back to the refrain, “you nest here with me.” At the end of the book, the authors share a wonderful set of additional information about each bird in the story, as well as their own story of being backyard birders. This is a perfect combination of great information in a readable form for young children and the illustrations are both lovely and accurate. In springtime, when we are all coming out of our winter nests of sorts, it serves as great motivation to get outside and see what is in the works in your backyard.

Suggested AgesThis is a wonderful book for all ages due to the great illustrations and additional information at the end. It has simple, rhythmic phrases that are easy and fun to read.


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