Bringing the Outside In, by Mary McKenna Siddals

Bringing the outsideTopics – seasons, outdoor play, poetry

Summary – If you’ve ever found seashells in your lint catcher, then Mary McKenna’s Bringing the Outside In will strike a chord of familiarity. In footprints, drips and collected treasures, McKenna describes outdoor exploration through the seasons which are always brought home for reflection. Patrice Barton’s joyful illustrations lend a kind of carefree flavor to McKenna’s poetic phrases. I particularly enjoyed the laundry room scene of kids in their skivvies hanging dripping swimsuits with the dog shaking its wet fur in the midst. I also love the final scenes of the kids sharing memories by the fire and then later pulling out pictures from their adventures to remember their past adventures together. McKenna’s simple poetry captures both the camaraderie found in natural exploration as well as the treasures to be found there.

Suggested AgesThis book is suitable for preschool-aged children and up. All young readers will relate to the fun to be had in each season and also the friendships to be found in the outdoors.


2 thoughts on “Bringing the Outside In, by Mary McKenna Siddals

  1. I’m delighted to discover this lovely review, which so beautifully captures the spirit of my book! I look forward to sharing it on my BRINGING THE OUTSIDE IN Facebook page, and thank you so much, Susan, for shining such a generous spotlight on my book.


  2. What a treat to see this comment from the author herself! I’m so glad you found my review and thanks for sharing it. I’ve updated the link to go to your website as well. Thanks again for your sweet note and I look forward to reading more of your books!


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