It’s Spring in: The Secret Pool, by Kimberly Ridley

Topics – spring, vernal pool

IMG_7045Summary – The mystery and magic of The Secret Pool are perfectly captured in the first lines – “A shimmer. A twinkling. Do you have any inkling of what I am? “ The author, Kimberly Ridley, teases the reader, inviting him or her to imagine what it is like to discover and explore a vernal pool. The illustrations, by Rebekah Raye, are full of hidden gems as well. Every time I read it, I notice another detail I’ve missed before, much like a vernal pool itself. This story is one of the Tilbury House Nature Books, all of which combine a lyrical and simple storyline with plenty of information tucked into side-bars. In addition, the glossary at the end provides definitions of the many terms used throughout the book. It is a perfect time to discover the wonders of secret pools and this book can be your guide.

Suggested AgesThis book is suitable for preschool-aged children and up. The story is simple enough for the youngest readers, but there is enough detail for older more curious readers to explore as well.


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