Raindrops Roll, by April Pulley Sayre

Topics – rain, spring

Summary – The photographs and poetic text in April Pulley Sayre’s Raindrops Roll are full Raindrops Rollof drops, plips and plops for the ears and eyes. The shapes and patterns of rain along with its interactions with plants and animals are entrancing. And, her words are so precise and evocative – who else would have thought of spangling a spider web with dew drops? The material at the end of the book is a great supplement for parents, teachers or older readers, delving further into topics like splashing, spilling and magnifying. Pulley Sayre’s other books are also wonderful, including Woodpecker Wham and Best in Snow, and her website is full of great resources.

Suggested Ages – This book is great for pre-K children who will love the sounds of her words as well as the beautiful photographs. Early readers can practice reading simple words, and older students will find more challenging information in the “Splash of Science” at the end.



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