Down Down Down – A Journey to the Bottom of the Sea, by Steve Jenkins


Topics – sea, marine, fish, invertebrates

Summary – Steve Jenkins leads us Down Down Down from the seagulls on the surface to Down Down Downthe goblin sharks in the twilight zone and to the eery spotlight fish in the deep dark bottom of the sea floor. This “journey to the bottom of the sea” is beautifully laid out, featuring a few amazing creatures at each level along with a simple graphic on each page that shows the reader where you are in the water column. The information on each animal is concise yet packed full of interesting facts. The supplemental material at the back of the book provides ample details for older readers and parents and expands upon the text for each zone and animal. Like What Do You Do with a Tail Like This? and How to Swallow a Pig, just to name a couple of Jenkins’s other books, Down Down Down combines the beauty and intrigue of the natural world with teachable scientific information in an elegant way.

Suggested Ages – This book is perfect for grade school readers as well as younger students who can learn much from the visual elements of the book. The extra material at the end of the book is great for older


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