The Blobfish Book – A Book All About Me, by Jessica Olien

Topics – sea, marine, invertebrates

Summary – The Blobfish is the star of this book, a clever combination of photographs and cartoons, which teaches us about this strange but loveable deep sea creature. In The Blobfish Book, Jessica Olien takes us on a journey to the deep sea, starting with an introduction of thThe Blobfish Booke zones of the ocean and continuing with unique facts about the bizarre animals found there. The blobfish provides silly commentary that is a great counterpoint to the informational text. Even within that text, Olien packs in great facts without being too detailed, focusing on a single feature of each creature. I really love this technique of the animal providing commentary, which helps readers relate to the character. The “Cast of Characters” and “More Amazing Deep-Sea Facts” at the end provide additional information for those interested in going “deeper”.

Suggested Ages –
This book is suitable for grade school readers. Younger readers will particularly like the blobfish cartoon and can read some of his words, and older ones and understand the simple facts about each animal included. The additional information at the end is a great resource for older readers, teachers and parents.




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