My Book of Birds, by Geraldo Valerio

Topics – birds, natural historymy-book-of-birds

Summary – I loved My Book of Birds already when I read in Geraldo Valerio’s introduction, “Learning about these birds makes me happy, and I hope My Book of Birds will make you happy, too.” And, when I found my girls deciding which of the entrancing birds they would become, I was further delighted. Rather than tell a story, Valerio presents a series of evocative collages of birds along with a brief description of how to identify the bird and a few interesting tidbits about its habits. It’s like a field guide turned into an art show. Rather than lengthy back matter, he uses the interior of the jacket to add more illustrations – the front is filled with an array of lovely eggs and the back with feathers. There is also a brief glossary and list of resources to accompany.

Suggested Ages – This book is suited for two levels – young children, who will enjoy the visually stimulating collages, and older children capable of reading the full descriptions and common and scientific names of each bird included.




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