Shapes in the Sky: A Book About Clouds, by Josepha Sherman

Topics – clouds, weather

Summary – As we head into fall, the whimsy and drama of the clouds have captivated me.


Josepha Sherman seems to share this fascination in her book, Shapes in the Sky, as she celebrates the beauty and oddity of clouds along with their composition and function. Omarr Weley’s illustrations are cartoon-like, but caricature the clouds in just the right way to show us the uniqueness of each type. Anyone who has cloud watched has certainly found strange animals and castles in the sky, as does Sherman when she describes clouds “like scoops of vanilla ice cream”. Her scientific descriptions are accurate, but not overly complicated. The table of contents at the beginning is helpful in finding specific information about each cloud and the “Fast Facts” and “Glossary” at the end give a curious reader more to absorb. I love the activity page as well, which says, how “You Can Make a Cloud”. I can’t wait to try it. I’m also eager to check out the other books in Picture Window Books’ “Amazing Science” series, which cover topics from sunshine, rain, and snowflakes to name a few.

Suggested Ages – The youngest children will like the simple cartoon-like illustrations, while early readers will recognize simple words. Students grades 3 and up can glean much useful information from the text as well as the additional information at the end.



One thought on “Shapes in the Sky: A Book About Clouds, by Josepha Sherman

  1. I think the Grown-ups in our house enjoyed this even more than the children! Although reading outside did inspire our 5 year olds to lie on their backs to “see what they could see”. Really interested to check out the other books in this series!


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