Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, by Kenard Pak

Topics – summer, fall, seasons

Summary – With a welcoming, “Hello, late summer morning,” Kenard Pak invites readers into an unfolding dialogue between the narrator child and the natural world around her. I loved how this drew me in, as I have to admit that I’m always quite sad when summer ends. The little girls’ first interaction is with the trees, which answer, “We love how our branches sway in the sun.” She then greets the foxes, who are gathering food, the beavers making dens, and the leaves changing colors. img_7467 ends with the sun setting earlier on a summer night, and then awakening to say, “Hello, autumn!” as the sun rises on a new day. Like the leaves, the girls’ scarf changes color from red to blue in the final page turn. Pak’s accompanying illustrations are bright and simple, showing the small changes from one season to the next. This story, while less of a factual nature book than some others I’ve reviews, is an elegant poetic tribute to the seasons.

Suggested Ages – This story is most appropriate for young readers who can follow the illustrations as well as the repetition in the text. The repetition will be helpful to those learning to read, who can recognize familiar words from page to page.



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