A Leaf Can Be . . . , by Laura Purdie Salas

Topics – leaves, fall, seasons

Summary – My love for picture books stems from my love of poetry, so I am a big fan of Laura Purdie Salas’s writing. A Leaf Can Be . . . is a beautifully illustrated poem that is whimsical and informative. The other titles, also illustrated by Violeta Dabija, A Rock Can Be . . . and Water Can Be . .a-leaf-can-be . , are equally lovely and worth checking out. The text layers wonderful rhythm and crisp sounds over collage-like images, describing what leaves can be both to the little girl in the story and to the animals around her. Purdie Salas takes us through the seasons to explore how the leaves themselves as well as their roles change. She includes a helpful “More About Leaves” section at the end of the story with a sentence or two more fully describing each reason why leaves are important, and also a glossary of terms and list of other great leaf books.

Suggested Ages – The text is simple enough for pre-K readers who will enjoy the rhythm and rhyme. Older readers will learn about new and different functions of leaves than they might have landed upon before. They can also explore further by reading the material at the end of the story, both for content and vocabulary.



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