Flip, Float, Fly – Seeds on the Move . . . , by JoAnn Early Macken


Summary – Along the lines of my flip-float-flyrecent of review of Rebecca Hirsch’s Plants Can’t Sit Still, JoAnn Early Macken’s Flip, Float, Fly similarly animates seeds and takes us whirling, twirling, tumbling along on an adventure exploring the amazing adaptations of seeds. Kids reading along or listening will connect with the familiar fun movements. Macken’s alliteration and onomatopoeia in phrases like “Skitter. Skate.” make the text fun to read. Pam Paprone’s illustrations nicely show a landscape view of the habitat, complete with animals important to that type of seed, as well as a close-up detailed picture of each seed that feels like looking through a magnifying glass. The story moves from how animals are involved with seeds to how people plant them both purposefully and by accident. There is a lovely illustrated glossary at the end with common seed terms.

Suggested Ages – Listeners will enjoy the sounds and imagining the movements of the seeds. Early readers can follow the simple words and phrases. The glossary provides a bit more detail for more advanced students.



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