Hank’s Big Day – The Story of A Bug, by Evan Kuhlman

Topics – bugs, habitat

Summary – It is always sweet to read a story of such a common backyard creature – in this case, Hank, the pill bug – as so many kids can relate to this tale. In Evan Kuhlman’s Hank’s Big Dayhanks-big-day, Hank ventures out from his house, a “big rock”, passing by curious creatures and daring to cross the road to meet his friend, Amelia. Their imaginative play is right out of a child’s head, complete with the dialogue from Amelia and the funny commentary from Hank.

The story comes full circle afterwards, as Hank goes repeats his adventure in reverse to return to his rock at bedtime under the moonlight. Chuck Groenink’s bold, almost Matisse-like illustrations enhance the story by inviting the reader into Hank and Amelia’s world.

While this book doesn’t include the scientific content of some of the others I’ve reviewed, it captures something else so important for young children – the ability to imagine being another creature.

Suggested Ages – This book is aimed at young readers (pre-K and early grades) who can follow the simple story. They will enjoy some of the repetition in the text as well as the circular form of the story.


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