Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep, by April Pulley Sayre

Topics – squirrels, fall, seasons


Squirrels are all around us this year especially since it is a mast year and there are innumerable acorns! Squirrels’ charisma makes them fun to watch and learn about. April Pulley Sayre’s Squirrels Leap, Squirrels Sleep captures the personalities of these fluffy friends through the seasons from caching acorns for the winter through the acorns sprouting in the spring. She sweetly ends with a squirrel curled up asleep in his nest – a quiet end that is a nice for a bedtime story. Steve Jenkins’ layout of the illustrations is fun with each action of the squirrel represented in a button-like circle with one of his wonderful collages as the centerpiece. The text is light and is full of rhythm, rhyme and repetition. Sayre includes an extensive section at the end of the book with descriptions of different species of squirrel, specifics on oak trees and other natural history followed by a list of suggested books and websites as well as related topics to explore. If you don’t know her other books, Sayre has many other wonderful ones that you can find on her website, and I always love Jenkins’ illustrations.

Suggested Ages – The text is rhythmic and rhyming, which will appeal to readers 3-5, and the repetition will help early readers to follow along. Older readers can delve into the additional information at the end.



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