The Open Ocean, by Francesco Pittau and Bernadette Gervais

Topics – ocean, invertebrates, adaptationsthe-open-ocean

My daughter came across this oversized picture book at the library. Expecting a fact-packed, detail-filled book, I was pleasantly surprised to see how playfully it was put together and how beautifully too. It is basically a giant lift-the-flap book where quirky information about animals such as jellyfish and urchins hides behind gorgeous illustrations. In The Open Ocean, as in Pittau and Gervais’ other books in this series, Out of Sight and Birds of a Feather, the reader gets a rich sensory experience through choosing which flaps to look under and what pace to take in the information. The details of the animals featured here are intriguing to young readers but also specific enough for older ones. I love the end section where you can match up different parts of fish to see how various heads and tails align. This is a book I’d love to own to come back to its useful information as well as to experience it at different age levels.

Suggested Ages – I would recommend this book to anyone of any age, really. It is so fun to flip open the panels and see what you discover underneath. The facts are fairly detailed, but can be pared down by a reading parent if necessary for younger children.



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