A Snowy Owl Story, by Melissa Kim

At a time of year when many birds are just starting to come back to Maine, a few are leaving Maine for the Arctic, having come here for the winter. Follow the winter migration from the Arctic to tSnowy Owlhe busy streets of Portland, Maine in Melissa Kim’s A Snowy Owl’s Story, based on a real story about a snowy owl who takes up residence in a vacant Portland building before being rescued and returned to her natural habitat. Jada Fitch’s illustrations bring the owl to life as she travels to familiar settings around Portland. This story is part of Islandport Press’s “Wildlife on the Move” series, written in cooperation with Maine Audubon as a part of their pre-K curriculum. Kim was previously the editor of Maine Audubon’s magazine, so the partnership was a natural one. She now is the children and young adult book editor at Islandport Press as well as the author of this series. The other two books, Little Brown Bat and A Blanding Turtle’s Story, are similarly sweet, simple stories about the adventures of endangered Maine animals. The story is told through the eyes of the owl, with details of her natural history tucked into the storyline in a way that is easy to understand for young readers. It also includes the role of people who found the owl and helped it back into the wild, an important lesson when teaching about endangered species. The full story is included at the end of the book for those interested. Kim has traveled with Maine Audubon educators to share these stories along with an array of animal artifacts with students in Maine. This kind of educational partnership is not only a great idea, but has won this book the designation as one of the best bird books of 2015 by the National Audubon Society. You can read more about the partnership and about these specific books here. The fourth and final book in the series, A Monarch Butterfly Story, is due to come out in May of 2017. Let’s hope for more partnerships like this one to create similar wonderful series’ for young readers.


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