I Used To Be A Fish, by Tom Sullivan

While I usually write about a seasonal story, I have to admit that I’m in a bit of a spring funk with the muckIMG_5920-1y melting snow and chilly wet weather. But, I Used To Be A Fish made me laugh. Tom Sullivan writes a whimsical story of evolution that balances being lighthearted enough to enjoy with enough meat to teach us something. The googly-eyed protagonist gets happier every time he evolves a new feature from legs to a tail to fur and somehow eventually into a human boy. Events like the Big Bang are simplified to a “BOOM! And things got a little crazy.” He is clearly in the mind of a child when imagining that what might come next is that the boy will turn into a superhero of sorts and learn to fly. It also leaves the reader with a literally uplifted feeling. Following the story, Sullivan includes graphic timeline of evolution, showing the characters in the book. He also adds a note on evolution and the processes afoot. I look forward to seeing what he comes up with next.

Suggested Ages – 
The illustrations in this book remind me of a board-book style that would appeal to pre-school aged children. The content, too, is approachable by even the youngest audience, but will make more sense to those in middle grades (3-5) who are beginning to understand the concepts of adaptation and evolution.



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