The Creeping Tide, by Gail Herman

Maybe it is because I am from the Midwest, but I have always been fascinated by the tides. When I went to college to study marine science, I remember wondering whThe Creeping Tidey the ramp to the dock was so steep one day. In The Creeping Tide, Gail Herman does a great job of providing a simple explanation of tides that kids can understand without going into the details of what create the tides. That is certainly beyond the Pre-K-1 age range this books aims to serve. John Nez’s cartoon-like illustrations make it fun for kids to follow and help them connect to their own beach experiences. This is the first of Kane Press’s “Science Solves It” books I have read and I really like the sleuth-like spin on things, getting the reader to ask questions and be a young scientist. The questions at the end help teachers or parents get their students thinking even further. There are many titles in this series, each categorized by topic and age range and I look forward to reading more.

Suggested Ages – This book is geared for grades Pre-K-1, although it isn’t an early reader. The content is easy enough for young readers to understand, however, and the pictures help to clearly explain the concept.


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