Summer Days and Nights, by Wong Hebert Yee


Summer Days and Nights

I love the long light of summer days followed by all the life that emerges after dark – from sunny sensations like cooling off in a pool to night scenes of flashing fireflies and night sounds like the croaking of frogs. Wong Hebert Yee captures them all in Summer Days and Nights both in his words and his airy illustrations. The reader follows a little girl from waking in the warm morning sunlight to crawling into bed in the darkness listening to the night sounds. Yee’s rhyming phrases describe her tiptoe-ing through summer flowers and watching late afternoon shadows in the first person so that a child can imagine being that little girl and sharing in her little surprising observations along the way. This book is a wonderful seasonal chapter of Yee’s others, Tracks in the Snow (which I reviewed last winter) and My Autumn Book, both of which I recommend.

Suggested Ages –
This book is great for early readers who can follow the simple text and will enjoy the rhyming phrases. The animal sounds and sensory descriptions will appeal to pre-K children listening to a parent read it aloud.


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